Kelly Leihy is the founder of North Atlanta Magna

Wave She graduated Magnum Cum Laude from Bethany

College, in January of 2018. She has a BA in

Communications: Integrated Media and Marketing. Kelly has had numerous jobs including marketing, project management, video logistics, client relaitons, and loan processing.

Kelly started taking lessons in 2002. She grew up doing equitation leagues and local low level shows. She bought her first horse in 2015, competed with him in the 2016 Retired Racheorse Project and continues to compete with him locally around Atlanta.

2010 - 5th at IEA Nationals Future Intermediate Jumping

2012-14 IEA Open Rider and Competed in Local Children's Hunters and Gittings

2016 - Placed Top 1/3 Retired Racehorse Project Eventing

2020 - Qualified for Lisa Seger Medal 

2021 - AECs qualifier